Who We Are

Our values:

Everything, Always:  The details are important, and the pursuit of perfection demands that we show up with our best selves each and every day. 

Freedom: We believe in the inalienable freedoms endowed by our creator.  We are uncompromising when defending life and liberty. Our rights must be protected at all costs by any means necessary.

Truth:  We are committed to being honest and truthful. Furthermore, we must be constantly seeking the truth and question those who deny us access to it.

Loyalty: Stand by those who stand by you.

Beauty: Celebrate true beauty in its purest forms.

Improvement: We constantly strive for improvement in pursuit of perfection. Helping others improve themselves and achieve their goals is of particular importance.  

Resilience: Achieving your goals is not easy, nor should it be. Every hardship is a chance to grow stronger. Never quit.

Courage: We must stand up for our values and for what is right. The cost of being weak in the face of evil is the loss of all freedoms.